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Advance God's Kingdom together

In Neh 3:2-7, the images we get from this record are whole groups of diverse people worked together side by side. The chapter records the construction from the Sheep Gate and going anti-clockwise, the construction of the wall around the entire city until it returns to the Sheep Gate in v32.

Shoulder to shoulder these worked to rebuild the walls. The key lesson is this: teamwork brought this tremendous work to completion. Teamwork will accomplish far more than separate efforts.

From the time the first exiles returned to Jerusalem until the time of Nehemiah it was about 90 years. Yet in all that time, no one rebuilt the walls! But when Nehemiah came he pulled the people together to rebuild the walls. Once they worked together, it only took them 52 days!

There is tremendous power in synergy. When all agree to work together at the same time. Let's work in teams together to advance God's Kingdom.


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