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Do we need the Shepherd today? 

Today when we hear this phrase “The Lord is my Shepherd” it sounds almost romantic.  How sweet!  The whole psalms 23 clearly implies that David sees himself as a sheep needing the care of God the Shepherd. Yet in David’s day, that is not necessarily a flattering admission.  Rather, a humbling admission. 

To fully appreciate this psalm, we must understand the nature of sheep.  Following is a list to describe what sheep are like: dumb, stubborn, defenceless, without a sense of direction, prone to wander, slow to recognize danger, nervous and uneasy, easily excitable and frightened.  Basically, a sheep is all the things that we would not want to be!   


Can you imagine what it might be like when the Israelites started hearing David’s psalms?  “Did you hear that new song David composed?  He is considering himself like a sheep!  Sheep!  Those dumb, hopeless, vulnerable animals!  Why would he associate himself with such animals?” 

Ah, but David had insight!  He understood the true nature of man, which was totally dumb, vulnerable, hopeless in our sins.  Just like sheep.  Sheep that need the Great Shepherd. 
Do we need the Shepherd today? 


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