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What are the objectives of this website?
  • To serve local churches by providing quality content for equipping of leaders, intercessors and prophetic ministers.  These areas build upon our strengths. These podcasts are designed to make it easy to use for both personal and group settings.  For that reason, we are providing discussion guides for each episode produced.  In the near future, it is hoped that many of these episodes will form the backbone of training modules.

  • To provide articles that are educational, inspirational and/or practical that would benefit believers.  Currently these articles will be in the areas of Bible, Christian Living and Church.  We hope that these articles can help bring clarity and address key areas of interest and concern.  

  • To provide inspirational content in the form of our sermons, reflections and quotes.  .

  • To connect with the wide Body of Christ.  The contents in this website are freely available as we also want to make is easily accessible.  Our hope is that these contents will also help build stronger connections into the Body of Christ. 

Who owns and operates this website?

HIM owns and operates this website.

Why a website?

We aim to leverage off this technological and digital age, to more effectively provide equipping tools to HIM and the Body of Christ.  Leaders simply cannot travel to every church to teach and provide answers.  This website enables us to reach across every continent, into any convenient setting. 

Why is it named

For a number of key reasons:


  • Firstly, it is more personalised and follows the current trend of personalised websites as it helps reach a wider audience.  Our heart continues to humbly serve HIM and the wider Body of Christ, to God’s glory.

  • Secondly, the contents are produced by Wilson and Lai Ling except for some guest contributors.

  • Thirdly, the contents will reflect the views of Wilson and Lai Ling and any guest contributors, not necessarily the official HIM views.  This facilitates quicker content production and responses to topics of interest.

The website accepts donations, who does it go to?

All donations proceed to HIM directly and helps fund this project.

Can the materials be freely used?

All materials on the site are free and can be freely used and disseminated. In fact, we encourage the content to be used as widely as possible.  But they are not to be used for profit. Copyright resides with the authors.  We ask appropriate acknowledgements be given to authors. 

Why do we use copyright?

We use copyright to protect the integrity of the content produced and to minimise misuse of it.  Also to honour those who produced the contents.  However, as our heart is to bless the wider Body of Christ, we are making it freely available as described above.

How can we best use the content?

The podcasts on leadership, intercession and prophetic are short, usually less than 20 mins each for easy use.  These are accompanied by discussion guides which include the notes plus discussion and action questions.  New podcasts will be produced every month. These contents could be used in a group setting, small groups or mentoring as you see fit.  The articles could also be used as the basis for discussions in a variety of church settings.

What if we are seeking content that is not yet available?

Please write to us via the website.  We hope to be able to help in areas of our specialty.  Obviously, we cannot promise to address every area raised, but we will certainly try.

Can we help?

That would be wonderful if you wish to volunteer help.  This project requires extensive amounts of on-going efforts.  From website management to communication, from videography to graphic design, and content production.  We would love to have the assistance of editors and research assistants.
You can also pray for all involved. Our heart is that these contents will be a blessing to many.  Our prayer is that it will help better equip many for the task of the Great Commission.

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