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Radical Performance Enhancement - Through Mentoring

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Secular organizations have long recognized the importance of mentoring and pump big money into it. While secular mentoring has real value, in what way does mentoring done in the spirit of God's kingdom surpass what the world does? Why do we invest in the kingdom of God? This is a need-to-know revelation about mentoring God's way!

Enhanced performance is a great need today.

Performance review and appraisal is a part of daily life. Whether in schools, even from the age of kindergarten or in the advanced stages of career it is continually measured and assessed. We may be told to establish SMART goals or to work through a personal improvement plan by HR or we may have to undertake a course to upgrade our skills. All of these things are helpful, but what enables radical enhancement of our work performance or in the area we desire to flourish?

Highly successful individuals on the world stage we admire, whether past or present, all have mentoring in common.

These people needed other people to invest into their lives. They had people who coached them and shared their life and professional experience for a season, especially in the formative period of their lives. Or they saw these role models from afar and observed their life and qualities. Interestingly, globally, online education success rates are still not high, because education through good video content alone is limited. Human interaction and mentors can never be overlooked.

Importantly, the God-ordained way for Radical Performance Enhancement is through mentoring.

I would define radical or remarkable performance improvement as arriving at an unprecedented level of success, influence and significance in life that leaves a powerful legacy. For example, after Elisha was mentored by Elijah he emerged in a radically enhanced performance capability that enabled him to be a father to his nation. I believe the following principles of mentoring also apply to believers in the marketplace also.

7 Things that enable radical performance enhancement through divinely appointed mentors, as compared to the limits of human mentoring alone:

1. Human mentors, who rely on their self-belief and will alone can tire, become discouraged and lose their passion to serve others.

Divinely appointed mentors will have a revelation of God’s grace and sovereignty to bring renewal, out the cave experience, to a greater stature. They are empowered to complete their mission to pass on what they have to others. (See 1 Kings Chapter 19 Verses 9 - 18.)

2. Human mentors may carry out their mentoring as another task.

Divinely appointed mentors are specifically sent by God on a mentoring mission, so they carry God’s heart, presence and power through them to equip people remarkably. (See 1 Kings Chapter 19 Verse 16)

3. Human mentors can give others good counsel, hone our skills and encourage us which is all very helpful.

However, divinely chosen mentors can also pass on the God-appointed mantle and office that God has for others. (See 1 Kings Chapter 19 Verse 19.)

4. Human mentors apply natural reason and ability to solve every problem.

Divinely appointed mentors can also help us receive the spiritual wisdom and a supernatural inheritance to equip others to get the job done. (See 2 Kings Chapter 2 Verses 9-10)

5. Human mentors can be swayed by their own desires and profiteer.

Divinely chosen mentors are enabled by God to walk in God’s holiness and overcome the desires of the old sinful nature by the spirit, which was crucified in Christ. (See Galatians chapter 5)

6. Human mentors can encourage us by saying good luck!

Divinely appointed mentors can help release us into a lifetime assurance of God’s destiny and presence, with a double portion of God’s specific anointing, so people continue the legacy of others and do even greater things! (see John chapter14 verse 12)

7. Human mentoring is very helpful and can help to raise people up to a great stature.

Divinely appointed mentors can help others experience radical performance enhancement that is readily observed by everyone. (See 2 Kings Chapter 2 Verse 14-15)

God has a mantle for you too. Seek for your divinely appointed mentor.

What area of society stirs your passion and you desire to see his kingdom come? Did you know he has a mantle for you and has a divinely appointed mentor for you? God has a heavenly mantle for us all. I know through experience. For example, I had been mentoring a businessman for several years, when the spirit of God told me he was to carry the anointing of God’s general and businessman of the past R T LeTourneau. He was to carry on God’s legacy in business. I told him: “Get a book about this man and know all about his heart for God, his character, attitudes, business dealings and passion etc…”

Interestingly, a prophetic intercessor had sent him a book about that very man a few months before and had called the night before to say to start reading it. God’s Kairos time had come. When I prophesied to him about the man he was on the couch and the book was on his lap! He is presently doing radical business; with the alignment comes the assignment! God has a mantle for you to enhance your performance so it’s radical and compelling to those around you.

Take Heart, our mantle is by grace alone and through faith and not of works.

Friends, we see that Jesus has been taken up into the heavens after Calvary. There is no point searching for his physical body on earth or trying to hold on to him through tradition and religion. Like Elijah Jesus has been taken up to the heavens. But, this is so we can all receive the gift of the very spirit of Jesus upon us; the Elijah - Elisha story is a prophetic type. My prayer like the apostle Paul is that eyes be opened (See Ephesians Chapter 1 Verses 16-21). Be filled and enhanced!

(First published by Mark Rusic in Christian Today Australia)


Copyright©️2021 by Mark Rusic. All rights reserved. Materials are free to be distributed in whole or part as long as proper acknowledgement is given to the author and not sold for profit.


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