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Releasing the Unprecedented Things

Jesus called all his disciples to be the light of the world. These disciples walk in God's kingdom authority and obey the great commission. This also can lead to having powerful cultural relevance so more see and are saved. Are you positioned in your lamp stand to shine in this hour?  This article inspires us to release the unprecedented things to glorify God.

Past believers made unprecedented contributions to society.

The western nations were strongly founded upon Judeo-Christian foundations and with God’s blessing immensely prospered. You see all manner of unprecedented break throughs in human endeavour, through people’s faith in God and due to their own diligence.

You see all manner of unprecedented break throughs in human endeavour, through people’s faith in God and due to their own diligence.

For example, Sir Isaac Newton revolutionized science and is seen as a greatest scientific mind of all time, William Wilberforce abolished child slavery as a politician, Johann Sebastian Bach is still called the greatest composer of all time, to name but a few. It is fascinating and inspiring to see how their faith influence their life mission and journey!

Believers had unprecedented foundations

We also see that believers of all ages had this grace to rise to their fullest potential and take charge (see Genesis 1:26 - 28). There was a godly foundation, with God, church and community central, and the family unit was firmly intact and became a powerhouse to nurture the next generation strong.

Interestingly, in the early 1900’s it was not uncommon that kids as young as five that could readily comprehend weighty literature, such as the old American constitution. This is a task that even an MBa student would struggle with today!

Why are we seeing a general absence of the unprecedented move of God, which hinders the Christian witness and influence in society today?

We see a massive curve in this trend in today’s secularised world. We must revisit the word foundations for the unprecedented things. Only the word of God is a plumb line for what is right (See Amos 7:7-8). We must return to the words of our covenant and to our father in heaven.

Jesus told us plainly he wants us to do unprecedented things. We are commanded to “let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matthew chapter 5 verse 16). In other words the unprecedented things God enables us to do in Christ are so extraordinary, people will attribute to them a divine favour and will look to God and praise Him.

The unprecedented things God enables us to do in Christ are so extraordinary, people will attribute to them a divine favour and will look to God and praise Him.

God has destined to equip us to do unprecedented things in Christ.

Jesus spoke of unprecedented life and energy that would be made available, during the ceremony of the Feast of Tabernacles, recalling the desert wanderings of his people. He made an impassioned plea, crying out to all believers in a loud voice saying, “Whoever thirsts let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me as the scripture says, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” (John 7:37 - 38).

Friends, Jesus is that rock. He is the source of the living water and all that we need to be fully equipped for service! (See 1 Corinthians 10:3). Moses struck the rock as they journeyed through the wilderness and water came forth, so too Jesus was smote at the cross for our sake, so the spirit could be poured forth!

Are you weary and tired of mere ceremonies and religion alone, without seeing the power of God to make a difference in the world around you? As we drink of Jesus’ spirit he will enable us to be awakened to our sonship and God’s unique purpose for us all. We will sense God’s great love for us and have self-belief to get moving and set life goals to make a difference, and with unprecedented release of our potential.

God wants to give you testimonies of unprecedented break-through!

By the grace of God, we can all be overcomers in our sphere of our calling and do unprecedented things for God’s glory. Last year around February I felt the Lord say “Concentrate on your art for my glory.” As I was praying I saw a vision of the van Gogh like iris petal curl and become like a hand summoning me to come and I heard the voice say “come” and he gave me Isaiah chapter 48:18- 19.

So, I stepped out and started painting in oils for the first time, experimented, had a few lessons from a tutor, and painted some really gory and horrible images at first! Last week, about a year on, I got accepted into one of the leading and biggest art shows in my country, with several gorgeous pieces of my art! The advertisement for the art show states that the “cream of the nation’s leading and emerging artists will all be there.”

I am also using poetry with all my paintings and in an effort to communicate hope, meaning and purpose, not just a pretty picture. I sense so strongly the river of God is flowing in me to do what is unprecedented to be a light to the lost. The holy spirit wants to flow in your life mission too.

Unprecedented things are released by taking to heart the word of kingdom of God.

Every day in the life of Jesus he modelled the release of unprecedented things by the power of God’s word, being himself, the word made flesh. We too have been entrusted the word of the kingdom as believers (Luke 8:4-15) and Jesus promised as we steward it faithfully, we would become a lamp lit which cannot be hid (Luke 8:15-16)!

As we apply our artistic ability according to God’s word or whatever gift we have, we too release the kingdom of God on earth. Then, we are lit up by God’s spirit like a lamp, to be put on display to the world as we are enabled to the unprecedented!

Will you dare to step out and live out the unprecedented life mission and miracles he wants to work through you?

To conclude, will we take up the challenge to shine as ambassadors for his kingdom? To do so Jesus insisted on doing one thing: “Therefore, consider carefully how you listen. Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what they think they have will be taken from them.” (Luke 8:18). May God prosper you!

(First published by Mark Rusic in Christian Today Australia)


Copyright©️2021 by Mark Rusic. All rights reserved. Materials are free to be distributed in whole or part as long as proper acknowledgement is given to the author and not sold for profit.


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