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Timing can make a huge difference. 

We ought to learn to carry out what God has commanded WHEN He commands.  Why?  Because delayed obedience is disobedience! King Saul was unable to wait for God in 1 Sam 13. He was a man who was either disobeying God, or was too eager and ended up rushing ahead of God. 

Obedience too early or too late can be disobedience.  We need to obey God in God’s time!   


Watchman Nee was a preacher and writer greatly used of God in China. As a young man, he was attracted to a Christian girl, Charity Chang.  But he quickly discovered that she did not share his passion for God.  She was more concerned about worldly matters.  God challenged him one day as he read Ps 73:25, “There is none on earth that I desire beside thee.”  “You have a consuming desire upon earth.  You should give up your attachment for Miss Chang. What qualification has she to be a preacher’s wife?” He tried to bargain with God.  Finally, he gave in and threw himself into the ministry.  He made a God-centred decision. 

This was not the end of the story.  Years later, God worked a radical change in Charity’s life and she became a devoted follower of Christ.  God caused both to cross paths again and they became man and wife! 


Timing can make a huge difference. 


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