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Your statutes are my delight

I was mulling over this verse  in Psalms 119 : 24 which says, " Your statutes are my delight; they are my counsellors."  

People take delight in many things in life.  It could be watching one's child grow up, tasting an extremely yummy dish, enjoying a most adventurous holiday, taking a splendid rest, reading an exciting book that one could not put down and the list goes on.  

When it comes to God's Word, how does one take delight in it?  Looking back in my own personal journey with the Lord, I am really glad in knowing His Word!  The Bible has helped me through every juncture of my life. His Word has guided me, counselled me through the various seasons of my life.  God's Word guides me like a lamp to my feet.  The Bible has become a delight in my life because I can personally attest to the truth of His Word as I sought to obey the Word in my life even when it seems difficult.  Yes ,God gives me strength to do so.   He has my best interest at heart. God's Word has been a check and balance in my life.  It serves as a mirror in testing my heart motivations.  Indeed the Bible has been and is a great source of comfort and perseverance.   

Friends, I am still on that journey in discovering more of God's Word for my life and in answers to life's questions.  How about you? 


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